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Item # 1721

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The where-have-you-been-all-my-life knife.

The Trimmer will be a major player in your kitchen. Every feature - from the tip of its Double-D® edge blade, through the full tang and to the bottom of its triple-riveted, ergonomic handle - will you have you adoring the Trimmer.

Also available as a Santoku-Style Trimmer.

  • Exclusive Double-D® edge
    The Double-DŽ edge provides a clean, smooth cut every time and stays sharp longer than straight-edge knives. Can be factory sharpened.
  • Ergonomic handle
    Universal fit for large or small, left or right hands. Thumb and forefinger lock into place for safety and control. Fatigue-resistant design.
  • Full tang
    Blade extends full length of the handle for extra strength and balance.
  • FREE sharpening
    With CUTCO's Forever Guarantee, we will sharpen, hone, buff, repair and if necessary replace your CUTCO knives and accessories for FREE. No receipt is required.
  • Guaranteed Forever
    Like all CUTCO products, the Trimmer is guaranteed forever.
4.9/5 Stars

Best ever

“This is my favourite knife of all time. I buy them in lots of threes. I give them to my true loyal friends who would really appreciate them and take care of them. I call them the Cadillac of knives made right here in New York State. My one friend just told me Monday that she will not let any one touch them and keeps them in a special cupboard.”

LDS121 in Rochester, NY

  • American Flag Made in America
  • Blade material440A High-Carbon, Stainless Steel
  • Handle materialHighly engineered thermo-resin material. Available in classic brown or pearl white.
  • Blade Length4-7/8"
  • Overall Length10"
  • Weight2.9 oz. (82g)
At CUTCO, we stand behind our products with a FOREVER satisfaction guarantee. We want every CUTCO customer to be a satisfied customer FOREVER. The guarantee has several important elements.

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Grasp the handle between your thumb and forefinger with your fingers following the curve of the handle. Hold the Trimmer in this position regardless of the task.

Slice tomatoes, cucumbers, peaches, pears and corn off the cob; trim fat and rind from steaks, chops and roasts; cut and section grapefruit and oranges; remove fins from fish and pin feathers from chickens; core cabbage, lettuce and green peppers; carve decorative, edible centerpieces.
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