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Dr. Jeff Auerbach

Dr. Jeff Auerbach credits his experience with Vector Marketing for providing him with skills that enabled him to be not only a successful psychologist, but an author, public speaker and consultant as well.

"I learned a lot from Vector - the ability to be an entrepreneurial psychologist and public speaker. That all comes directly from my Vector experience," said Dr. Auerbach, author of Irritating The Ones You Love - The Down And Dirty Guide To Better Relationships.

Dr. Auerbach joined Vector Marketing after seeing an advertisement in the library of Temple University where he was a freshman. Although he received a bit of resistance from his parents initially, they supported his decision to sell knives while in school because they thought the experience would be valuable.

"My mom thought it might be good experience for me to learn how to market myself, " he said.

And market himself he did. Dr. Auerbach sold Cutco for six years, during which he rose from sales representative to district manager. He then became a psychologist and an expert in helping people build better relationships. His book on the subject caught the attention of the media and Dr. Auerbach was contacted by CBS television to be on The Early Show.

But even before he wrote the book, Dr. Auerbach was blazing his own trail as a psychological consultant, drawing on skills acquired from his Vector experience.

"For anyone with an entrepreneurial streak, the experience is irreplaceable," said Dr. Auerbach, who today is hired by companies to give seminars on irritation management that help their employees better deal with each other. "The ability to be outgoing and confident - no question - that came directly from my experience with Vector."

So what is the doctor's advice for new Vector representatives today?

"Work the program the way you are taught it and be as enthusiastic as possible. Perseverance is the key to success," Dr. Auerbach advised. "It might take a while to get the hang of it because you may do a fair amount of work before you see a breakthrough. It's like a water pump . . . you pump and pump and there's no water, then suddenly it starts to gush!"


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