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Tax On The Delivery Address

Regulations mandate that we collect and remit sales tax based on the address the product was delivered to.

Tax On Shipping And Handling

We are required to collect and remit sales tax and GST on our SERVICE of shipping / handling.

This SERVICE includes, but is not limited to, packaging, postage, shipping and Insurance. Therefore sales tax must be calculated on the total of the merchandise plus shipping / handling amounts.

Internet Sales Tax

Vector Marketing Canada Corporation is a direct sales company registered as a retailer in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec. Vector Marketing Canada Corporation collects and remits sales tax in all jurisdictions throughout Canada. We are complying with all statutory tax regulations as they pertain to our specific business. We collect and remit Sales tax on all of our sales, without regard to the method of sale.

Tax Exempt

Proper proof of tax exemption must be provided with every order. Tax-exempt certification is not kept on file for use with future orders.

Appropriate documentation stating the tax-exempt status, other than that for resale, must be provided.

If the entity purchasing the product is a governmental or non-profit agency, they may be entitled to tax exemption and would have to provide an exemption certificate.

Seller's Permit - a seller's permit is not acceptable for use as tax exemption documentation.

  • The seller's permit authorizes the seller to engage in the selling of tangible personal property in a given province and not be exempt from tax.
  • A seller may be exempt from tax if they are purchasing product for resale, however, CUTCO's Vector Marketing does not sell CUTCO for others to resell. Therefore, a seller is not entitled to an exemption from tax.

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